Come join us on #GenChat tonight on Twitter!

TSGS on #GenChat!

We are pleased to announce TSGS will be participating in the popular Twitter Chat for genealogy

Join TSGS on #GenChat tonight on Twitter!

Join TSGS on #GenChat tonight on Twitter!

called #GenChat on Twitter this evening at 9PM CDT. As one of three of the original creators of GenChat, Jen Baldwin hosts these informative and fast-paced Twitter chats three times a month.

So what is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat is a way to build community, discuss issues, and network with other like-minded individuals on the ever popular social media network, Twitter. And since it’s on Twitter, it’s done in 140 characters or less at a time. Specifically, the Twitter Chat, #GenChat is a way for genealogists and family historians to come together on Twitter and discuss various research-based issues. Jen has created a year-long schedule for GenChat with a research-based topic already selected for each chat.

More Information About GenChat and Twitter Chats

Jen has done a great job in explaining what Twitter Chats are and how to participate in them on her website, Conference Keeper:

Tonight’s GenChat Topic: Early Census Years

Tonight’s GenChat will be discussing early census years. This is an awesome discussion for researchers, and especially Texas-based researchers. While Texas didn’t become a part of the United States until 1845 and, thus, does not have any US-based census records earlier than 1850, she has earlier colonial records that can be very useful for genealogy and family history researchers whose ancestors were in Texas before statehood. Following are some selected links for those looking for early census records in Texas and more information about them:

So, join Texas State Genealogical Society as we #GenChat on Twitter tonight about early census years! Not following us on Twitter? Our Twitter handle is: @TxSGS

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Caroline M. Pointer

Caroline M. Pointer

Caroline is a genealogist and family history researcher, writer, speaker, and founder of She is also the District 6 Representative for the Texas State Genealogical Society.
Caroline M. Pointer

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