Migration Routes and Texas

Last Friday evening, TSGS participated in another Twitter Chat with #Genchat, and the topic was

Trammel's Trace, Jefferson, Texas Historical M...

Trammel’s Trace, Jefferson, Texas Historical Marker (Photo credit: fables98)

Migration Routes Across the US. During the chat, where appropriate, I contributed some migration-related links to online resources, and some were Texas-related.

Researching known migration routes throughout history can be very important when researching your ancestors. Along the way, they may have stopped and actually did something that created a document of some kind. Perhaps, they married. Maybe one of the family members passed away. Possibly another gave birth. You might even find where some of the extended family decided to settle in one of the areas while the rest of the family kept moving on to their intended destination.

Therefore, if you can determine known migration routes of the time and determine the likelihood your ancestor passed through a particular county or town, then you may find more records your ancestor left behind that just might give your more clues to research.

Below are selected links about migration (some Texas-related) and history that might help you in your research.

Further, in case you weren’t able to participate in the previous #GenChats, here are the summaries from the last 3 #GenChats TSGS participated in from Storify:

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Caroline M. Pointer

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