TxSGS 2016 Speaker Spotlight: Kevin Klaus

We are thrilled to introduce you to one of the dynamic speakers teaching at our 2016 Family History Conference in Dallas Texas on October 28-30! Online Registration closes this Sunday, October 23rd…grab your spot now!

Kevin Klaus

About the Speaker

Kevin Klaus developed a love of history from an early age listening to stories told by his Great Grandparents and Grandparents who grew up in East Texas. Over the past 30 years he has collected and researched his own family, using government records, letters, photographs, family Bible information, and stories. Beginning in 1990, he served eight years in the United States Army. In 1998 honorably discharged from the Army in New Mexico, and returned home to Central Texas where he grew up. Kevin has a background in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Public History from the University of New Mexico, and currently working towards becoming a certified genealogist. For the last 14 years he has served as one of the lead researchers in the Texas General Land Office Archives and Records Program Area. During his time at the Land Office he has searched the early Court of Claims files, German Collection and archival collection to learn more about the history of Texas and discover the amazing collection of personal letters of early soldiers and pioneers who helped settle our great state.

Over the last few years he has focused his attention and research on the German Collection and the early German settlers that came to Texas under the Adelsverein in the 1840’s. In the process he has honed his research skills by tracing his own family line that came to America in the late 1800’s. This research is ongoing as he is still sleuthing records in Germany to discover the history of past lives.

About the Session

Go Forth from Thy Country and Kindred: German Texas Research
The German Collection of the Texas General Land Office represents not only land records, but gives insight into those settlers willing to leave their homeland, escape hardships and all they knew for a chance at a new start. Many German emigrants came to Texas under the Adelsverein and the Fisher Miller Colony, many perished aboard ship on the three month voyage. For those that survived the journey, many would meet their fate on the shores of Texas or the trip inland. The story of Pastor Adolph Fuchs is a case study of the determined character of these people with strong arms and stout hearts.

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Miranda Whited

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Miranda Whited is the Spring and Summer 2016 communications intern for the Texas State Genealogical Society. Miranda is interested in public outreach, archival work, and museum studies. She currently attends the University of Texas at Austin studying History, English, and Anthropology.
Miranda Whited

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