Eric Wells Shares How to Publish Your Heritage

TxSGS Virtual Conference 2018 speaker Eric WellsResearching your family history is only part of genealogy; the second part is sharing your story with others. At the TxSGS 2018 Virtual Conference, February 9-10, Eric Wells will share ways to engage and inspire your audience.

1:30 p.m. CT, Saturday, February 10

Publishing Your Family History
Building a family tree is just the beginning when the goal is to preserve a family heritage. A family tree alone may not be enough to inspire following generations’ interest in where they came from. A way to accomplish both preservation and inspiration is to publish the heritage in an engaging format. This session will cover just that, how to publish the family heritage into some form of physical media.

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Eric Wells has been active in genealogical research since 2008, previously having been a residential contractor for two decades working on projects across the United States. His latest endeavor, Legacy Left Right, focuses on assisting clients in genealogical research, DNA genealogy, and also organizing and presenting the research in a coherent and publishable format.

As well as being active in his local genealogy society, Eric is also the Education Coordinator for the NextGen Genealogy Network and hosts the live-streamed, interview format show on YouTube called Faces of NextGen Live.


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