Awards & Grants

The Texas State Genealogical Society offers a variety of awards and certificates that are awarded each year at the Annual Conference. Information about how to enter and past winners are listed in each category. 

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Previous Award Winners

TSGS Student Scholarship


  1. Applicant should be a senior in an accredited high school or home school program or be enrolled in college.
  2. Applicant should provide a certified transcript of all high school and/or college courses or proof of course mastery if in a home school program.
  3. Applicant should be a relative of a TSGS member of two years standing or be recommended by a Partner Society.
  4. Applicant should plan to major in history, government, library science, or education.

GRANTS - Archival

Archival Grant is designed to assist Partner Societies in their research endeavors and to encourage these societies to preserve their quarterlies and publications on any form of media.

GRANTS - Matching

Matching Grant is designed to assist Partner Societies in the preservation of County records, to help in the abstracting and publishing of county records or of area cemeteries.


Each Partner Society is invited to nominate one of its members for recognition as the Volunteer of the Year.


Book Awards - What category does your book fall under? See below. If you have questions, contact Bill Buckner regarding Category I, II or VII at

For additional details, click here.

Please notify Bill if you send your book for Category I, II or VII. You may contact him via email at or phone at 254-750-5995 (office).  If your book places in one of these categories, you will be invited to the Banquet at the TSGS Annual Conference at your expense.

All submissions to the Awards will be on display during the Conference along with a flyer with contact information and pricing (from information provided by you in your cover letter). You may provide your own flyer as an option.

Category I - Books by Non-Professionals
Category II - Books by a Professional
Category III - Manuscripts
Category IV - Family Periodicals by an Individual
Category V - Columnist Award
Category VI - Official Periodicals of Partner Societies
Category VII - Books Published by Partner Societies
Category VIII - Student Projects


Category I - Web site for a Partner Society
Category II - Web site for an individual member's genealogy and family history
Category III - Web site by an individual member of a general generalogy or historical nature, not specifically on the member's family but a county web page or a DNA study.