Texas State Genealogical Society Certificate Programs

TSGS offers several certificate programs for pioneers and notable service to Texas. The same application form can be used for all Texas State Genealogical Society certificate programs by indicating at the top of the application form which program you are applying to. Applicants do not need to reside in Texas or be members of the Texas State Genealogical Society. Applicants must be able to prove descent with official records for each generation and for the qualifying service or settlement.

These forms can be completed using a word processor or PDF program capable of filling in forms. You can then print the form with the entered data and mail it to TSGS. Be aware that if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader you cannot save the text you enter; with Acrobat Reader you must enter all of the application form data and print before you exit the program or you will lose all of the entered text. If you use other PDF programs, such as the free Foxit PDF Reader or Nitro PDF Reader, or some other PDF reader other than Acrobat Reader, you should be able to save the data and use multiple data entry sessions without losing data. If you have trouble entering data into the form you can print the form and hand-write the application data.

Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions with answers are included with the application form in these linked files:

Download an application format that best fits your computer or comfort.

PDF application form

RTF (Rich Text Format) application form

Microsoft Word 2007-2010 application form

Microsoft Word 1997-2003 application form