Sandra Crowley
Vice President - Membership

Membership brochure and application


The Texas State Genealogical Society was founded in 1960 at Fort Worth, Texas, and is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation open to individuals, societies and libraries. The society supports the Texas State Library by donating books, publications, and research aids received by TSGS.

The society meets annually during its state conference. The state is divided into districts which are represented by District Representatives. Officers and District Representatives serve on a Board of Directors. Officers are nominated and elected for two-year terms at the conference.


Membership is open to any person or organization that is interested in researching and preserving genealogical and historical records. Membership is by calendar year and all membership are terminated on December 31. Dues are payable on January 1, which insures receipt of all quarterlies (see member benefits for details).

Personal memberships are available for Individuals or families for $25.00 per year.  New members may join at a pro-rated fee after March 1 (3/4 of fee), June 1 (1/2 of fee), and September 1 (1/4 of fee). Publications will be sent to these new members for the part of the year included in the dues.  In addition, those who wish to donate to TSGS operations and programs may join at the Contributing or Patron level for a donation of $5.00 or $25.00, respectively.

Purpose of TSGS

To promote, assist, develop, and conserve the genealogical and historical resources of Texas and to cooperate with local, regional, and statewide groups in promoting an awareness of the need to preserve family heritage.

Specifically, the mission of TSGS is as follows:

· Research, record, accumulate, reproduce, distribute, and circulate genealogical and historical material.

· Assist in making such material available to those who are, or may be encouraged to be, in family and Texas history.

· Perpetuate the memory of Texans and their ancestors and inspire a wholesome regard for those who have been and are now part of the heritage of our state and nation.

· Stress the importance of accuracy through the careful documentation of research.

· Make donations by acquisition or memorial to research collections which are open to the public.

· Disseminate knowledge by sponsoring conferences, workshops, and seminars.

· Publish a quarterly journal titled STIRPES and other publications useful to researchers.

· Sponsor awards for writing and honors recognizing the efforts of individuals and organizations.


Several Certificates are offered by TSGS. Membership in TSGS or Texas residency are not required; however, lineage must be proven by primary documents. Applications can be found at our web-site or requested with 67 cents from TSGS, P.O. Box 7308, Tyler TX 75711-7308

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Texas First Families — Individuals who are direct or collateral descendants of settlers who resided in Texas prior to 19 February 1846 are eligible.

Gone to Texas Pioneer — Individual direct descendants of settlers that resided in Texas prior to 1886 may apply.

West Texas Pioneer — Individual direct descendants of settlers that resided in West Texas prior to 1901 may apply.

Greer County, Texas Pioneer — Individuals who are direct or collateral descendants of settlers who lived in Greer Co. TX before or by February 8, 1860 through 1901 are eligible.

Texas Rangers — An applicant must be directly or collaterally descended from someone who served as a Texas Ranger and who is deceased. A collateral ancestor is a brother or sister of the Texas Ranger.