Membership Extension FAQs for 2014-2015 Members

Effective immediately, Texas State Genealogical Society is extending membership years for those who paid dues in 2014 and 2015.

Subscription to our periodical Stirpes is a benefit of membership. In his March 2016 Update, TxSGS President Randy Whited explains that Stirpes has been on a longer-than-anticipated hiatus due to a variety of reasons. As part of our efforts to remedy this situation, TxSGS is extending membership for those affected by this hiatus.

Date Effective: 21 March 2016

Q1. Why am I receiving a membership extension?

Persons who paid TxSGS membership dues in 2014 received one issue of Stirpes; those who paid 2015 dues received no issues.

Rather than publishing back issues, we are extending memberships at no additional cost for those members who did not receive our publication.

Q2. How long is my membership extended?

Members for the entire year of 2014 receive an additional year of membership. Members for the entire year of 2015 receive an additional year of membership. Members for 2014 and 2015 receive two additional years of membership.

The additional membership years end on December 31st. Those who were members for portions of 2014 or 2015 receive membership extensions on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

Q3. I thought I was a member in 2014 or 2015 and I didn’t receive a membership extension. What should I do?

Contact the Director of Membership, Susan Ball, at with your membership status inquiry.

Q4. Why is the standard edition of Stirpes digital?

The print version of Stripes expends a large percentage of membership dues. Rather than raising dues to cover the expense, TxSGS has designated the standard edition as digital.

Receiving Stripes digitally frees up funds for TxSGS to use in preservation projects and enhancing member benefits. In addition, many digitally-savvy members appreciate the color digital edition, the clickable Internet links, and the ability to search Stirpes for names and topics of interest. The digital edition also arrives in your inbox much sooner!

Q5. Are Partner Societies or Libraries required to register for a print edition of Stirpes?

No, all Partner Societies and Subscribing Libraries automatically receive a print edition of Stirpes.

Q6. How will I receive my digital edition of Stirpes?

We email each member a link and a password for accessing each issue as it is published. With the password, members can read the issue online or download the issue to read or print.

Q7. I’m not receiving emails from TxSGS. How do I fix that?

Make sure we have your current email address by emailing the Director of Membership at

Q8. May I share my digital Stirpes password with friends so they may read Stirpes?

No, please don’t share your password. Access to Stirpes is a membership benefit and sharing your password or the digital copy of Stirpes constitutes copyright infringement.

Q9. I can’t access the March 2014 issue of Stirpes online. How do I get a password?

If you were a member of TxSGS in March of 2014, contact the Director of Membership at for a password.

Q10. Will Stirpes volume and issue numbering continue from the March 2014 issue?

The March 2014 issue was the first issue in Volume 54. Volume 54 is designated as a one-issue volume.

Stirpes resumes with Volume 55 in 2016, published in two double volumes. Issues 1 and 2 will be published in June; Issues 3 and 4 will be published in December.

Q11. How do I get a print edition of Stirpes?

Contact the Director of Membership at with your request.