Awards & Grants

TSGS 2014 Conference and Awards UpdateThe Texas State Genealogical Society recognizes excellence in the genealogical community with several awards, grants, and a scholarship. The awards are announced each year at our Annual Conference.

Financial Awards

A Student Scholarship is awarded each year in the amount of $1,000 by TxSGS to a student with plans to major in history, government, library science, or education. Applicants must meet certain requirements and submit their application packet by September 15.

Preservation and Access Grants are designed to assist Partner Societies in the preservation and dissemination of genealogical resources. A total of $2,000 is to be awarded per year. Certain requirements must be met. Partner Societies are encouraged to contact the TxSGS Archivist should they have any questions.

Recognition Awards

Volunteer Award nominations are encouraged from each Partner Society to recognize one of its members as the Volunteer of the Year. Nominees must meet certain criteria. The deadline for nominations is September 15.

Writing Awards are offered by TxSGS in a variety of categories:

  • Category I: Books by Non-Professionals.
  • Category II: Books by a Professional.
  • Category III: Manuscripts.
  • Category VI: Official Periodicals of Partner Societies.
  • Category VII: Books Published by Partner Societies.
  • Category VIII: Student Projects.

If you have questions regarding Category I, II, or VII, contact Bill Buckner via email at or phone at 254-750-5995. Detailed information about each category may be found in the submission rules. The deadline for each category is September 15.

Website Awards are offered by TxSGS in three categories:

  • Category I: Website for a Partner Society.
  • Category II: Website for an individual member’s genealogy and family history.
  • Category III: Website by an individual member of a general genealogy or historical nature, not specifically on the member’s family; for example, a county web page or a DNA study.

Detailed information about each category may be found in the submission rules. The deadline for each category is September 15.