Texas First Families Bound Volumes

Texas First Families, Volume 1 and 2

Texas First Families, Volume 1 & 2

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Texas First Families – Volume 1

Volume 1 includes lIneages for numbers 1 through 2400 was published in October 2000. TSGS would like to thank all of those who have participated in and supported this project. Special commendation is given to Rose Griffin Covert, Beverly Wyatt, Ann Rickard, Foy Howell, Jane Debenport, Janice Ratliff, Nelda Galyean Baker, and Terri Pearce, who assisted with the typing and proofreading of the material for this volume.

Texas First Families – Volume 2

Volume 2 includes lineages for numbers 2401 through 5278 and was published in December 2004. TSGS would like to thank Doris Cozart for her determination and the many long hours in preparing this book for publication. We also appreciate all of the other members who have halped in this effort.

Texas First Families Indices Online

The following indicies, listed by applicant and by ancestor, were prepared for the TSGS Web site by Betty Monk Ryman and Betty Hendricks Dunquez. We would like to thank Darwin Gilmore, Sr. for supplying the micorfiche, microfiche reader, and Wanda Donaldson for her guidance.

Texas First Families by Ancestor *

Texas First Families by Applicant *

* Combined and abstracted from Volumes 1 & 2