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STIRPES is the quarterly educational journal of the of the Texas State Genealogical Society, containing research articles, reviews, source guides, and articles of general genealogical interest. The journal is available in electronic and print format, and is included in membership benefits.

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TxSGS Blog

The TxSGS blog is our primary communication channel for sharing TxSGS society updates. It is also our primary forum for sharing original informative engaging articles and briefs about our partner societies and research, as well as preservation tips, tools, and news. Written by TxSGS leadership and members.

Monthly Email Newsletter

Our new monthly email newsletter is packed with relevant informative content from around the web. The TxSGS Communications Team scours the web every month to identify and review what you need to know about Texas family history, as well as key events, tips, tools, collections, and issues you need to be aware of concerning genealogy in general. The newsletter is delivered to your email inbox on the 20th of every month.