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Membership - Via Paypal

Membership is by calendar year. All memberships are terminated as of December 31st.

Due are payable January 1 and must be received by TSGS no later than March 1, which insure receipt of all Stirpes quarterlies for that year. New members only may join ast a pro-rated basis for the following rates: 
- after March 1 (3/4 of fee)
- after June 1 (1/2 of fee)
-after September 1 (1/4 of fee)

Dues received after September 1 for a full payment are assumed to be for the next year.

Publications will be sent to these new members for the part of the year included in the membership. Back issues of the Stirpes, if available, can be purchased as tht current back issue price.

NOTE: You will be asked to enter name, address, phone, and e-mail information once you access the Paypal site to make your online payment.

STEP ONE - Choose New Member or Renewal.
Membership: New Member     Renewal

STEP TWO - Add Membership Level to your Shopping Cart.

Types of Membership to choose from:

Individual or Family Member = $25
Prorated Member (Mar-May) = $18.75
Prorated Member (Jun-Aug) = $12.50
Prorated Member (Sep-Nov) = $6.25
Contributing Member - Individual or Family Member + a $5 donation = $30
Patron Member - Individual or Family Member + $25 = $50
Partner Society, Library, or Family Association Member = $25

To see a current membership brochure, click here or see Member Benefits.



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