The Texas State Genealogical Society (TSGS) was founded on November 28, 1960, in Fort Worth, Texas, and is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas as an educational and literary corporation.

The purpose of TSGS is to promote, assist, develop, and conserve the genealogical and historical resources of Texas and to cooperate with local, regional, and statewide groups in promoting an awareness of the need to preserve family heritage.

Membership to the TSGS is open to individuals, societies, libraries, museums and family surname associations. See Membership for more information

TSGS 2014 Conference and Awards Update

As a benefit to TSGS members, TSGS is focusing efforts in 2014 co-hosting the FGS national 2014 conference “Gone to Texas” in San Antonio, August 27-30th. This fabulous opportunity for genealogical education, entertainment, and networking takes the place of the … Continue reading

2014 TSGS Book Awards

It’s time to get excited and celebrate – the book. Yes, people are still writing and publishing those things made out of paper. Remember how a new book smells? TSGS has a long history in recognizing not only the writing … Continue reading

TSGS 2014 Student Project Awards

  TSGS Student Project Awards (Category VIII) are awarded in  three divisions, Elementary grades 4-6, Intermediate grades 7-9 and High School grades 10-12.  Last year, Mavrick Murray was named the first place High School winner.  Mavrick did research in his local … Continue reading

TSGS Expanding Borders and Membership

TSGS has historically divided our membership into districts in Texas based on geographical location; the current configuration utilizes 20 districts to monitor and support the genealogy landscape in our vast state. Realizing that many of our members don’t live in … Continue reading