Support TxSGS Through AmazonSmile

The Texas State Genealogical Society (TxSGS) is a member of AmazonSmile, which allows us to receive a small donation with select purchases…at no cost to you!

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that allows shoppers to give back to charitable organizations. You can support TxSGS when you do your online shopping! Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of your eligible purchases to TxSGS.

Our AmazonSmile Program

Your existing Amazon account lets you shop on AmazonSmile (please use our AmazonSmile link or web badge, displayed here). You get all of the convenience, prices, and products that you have come to expect from Amazon, but these purchases can now help support TxSGS programs and goals.

Once you select the Texas State Genealogical Society as your designated AmazonSmile charity, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5 percent of each eligible purchase when you shop through AmazonSmile. This only works if you shop via AmazonSmile (please use our AmazonSmile link or web badge). Purchases made using the regular website or mobile app do not support TxSGS.

How To Add TxSGS As Your Charity

Click on our Texas State Genealogical Society AmazonSmile web badge (displayed above) wherever you see it on our website.

On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you will be prompted to select the Texas State Genealogical Society from a list of eligible organizations, to add it to your existing Amazon account as your supported charity.

Add TxSGS as your AmazonSmile Charity

After clicking our our AmazonSmile web badge, you will get redirected to the AmazonSmile website (ignore the long ugly URL). AmazonSmile will prompt you to change your charity to the Texas State Genealogical Society.

You can do this on your desktop or mobile phone browser. This will look and feel just like shopping on the regular site.

How To Check If You Are Supporting TxSGS

After you connect TxSGS to your Amazon account as your preferred AmazonSmile Charity, you can verify that connection anytime you are logged in to your Amazon account when on the AmazonSmile website ( Just look underneath the AmazonSmile search bar, and you should see our society identified as the charitable organization you are “Supporting”.

AmazonSmile Tied to TxSGS

Texas State Genealogical Society will be displayed underneath of the AmazonSmile search bar, as your selected charitable organization.

After you have made your first Amazon Smile eligible purchase, you will be able to see a running total of how much AmazonSmile has donated to TxSGS as a result of your eligible purchases. When hovering over our society name underneath the AmazonSmile search bar, a box pops up showing you that dollar amount.

AmazonSmile Totals To TxSGS

Hovering over the Texas State Genealogical Society’s name when logged in to your Amazon account while visiting AmazonSmile will display a running total of the amount from your eligible purchases that will be donated to TxSGS.

How To Identify Eligible Items

Curious about whether or not the items you are shopping for qualify as an AmazonSmile donation to TxSGS? The AmazonSmile logo is displayed on the product description page for all eligible items.

Items Eligible for AmazonSmile

Note the AmazonSmile logo and designation marked in red.

It is not yet possible to filter a search on just AmazonSmile eligible items, like what can be  done for Amazon Prime eligible items.

Thank you for supporting TxSGS!